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>> I'm not *quite* as much a night owl as I used to be, but I'm definitely not a lark, which is why I have a vinyl blackout shade in my south-facing bedroom window to cope with the fact that the sun rises in the middle of the night here for several months every year (5:11 am on the summer solstice).
> I had my breakfast an hour ago, it's still dark.   I'll have my mid-morning muffin around 9:00 AM.    It's very pleasant to get our walk in when it's still cool outside.   Too bad so few stores are open that early.
> I think it's funny when people talk about saving daylight by moving setting their clock so that the daylight hits before they wake up and can use it.
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The beginning of the day is not where we save daylight it is at the end of the day. People have more daylight hours after work/ school. Here in NSW we have had daylight saving for many years (40 odd) and it is very popular. In the afternoon you will see most beaches and parks packed with families and young couples.

It is time for working parents to take their children outside and have fun. I know how much my son loved it when I could be home when the sun was still up and we would go to the park or walk along the beach. Some nights I would buy fish and chips for dinner and we would sit on the cliff looking out over the ocean and eat and talk for ages.

Michael would make sure all of his homework was done before I got home so we could go out. It was an opportunity for us to get out of the house and away from my mother who suffered from dementia. 

Most of the beachside suburbs have a large number of outdoor restaurants open until quite late (12-1.00am). The great majority of Aussies love daylight saving, those that don't are usually dairy farmers who have to still get up at the cows regular time but their families are out of sink with them.
Also the larks don't like it because they have to get up in the dark


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