[LMB] When do you write?

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Tue Sep 10 03:10:23 BST 2013

[LMB] When do you write?
Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Mon Sep 9 13:08:23 BST 2013

Lois - when do you write?

Patricia Wrede's blog consistently are posted around 6:00 AM. Sarah 
Hoyt's are at least that early (her 
http://accordingtohoyt.com/2013/09/07/representing/ post mentions Ethan 
of Athos).   I wonder when they write their fiction.

I was in an e-mail conversation once with Charles Stross (whose blog has 
late night posts).   He ended it saying it was time to go to a pub for 
dinner.   I looked up the time and it was around 11:00 PM Scotland time.

John Scalzi's Blog posts can come any time, but he writes his fiction 
mostly in the morning.

LMB:  Lately, I don't.  All the time I used to spend making up and 
writing stories, not to mention reading other books, has been 
increasingly absorbed by my internet participation and assorted 
fascinated lurking.  Also about a million interviews this year. People 
pop up about every week wanting a short story or essay -- sometimes they 
even offer payment -- but those I can refuse without a pang.  (An 
exception was the McCaffrey tribute this past year.)  I also spend a 
certain amount of time and energy saying no to conventions.  Some of 
them are _really_ hard to turn down, but the relief I feel when I have 
done so tells me I'm doing the right thing.  And now there are blogging 
and book reviews, which I didn't used to do.

I answer e-mail and online queries pretty much as they come in, 
randomly.  Also random are communications from my agent -- foreign 
rights or sub-rights offers, contracts, checks, and so on.  This may 
require anything from an expedition to the darkest reaches of my filing 
cabinets, or worse, my basement, to a trip to the bank and subsequent 
record keeping for taxes.  Taxes quarterly and yearly, although the time 
I spend doing data-entry on Quicken throughout the year pays off 
big-time prior to April 15th.

I have written on various schedules through my career, as I was living 
around my family.  I still have some of that going on.  For a time, I 
was getting my main creative writing done in the mornings, but the combo 
of sleep-med hangovers and internet participation eats the block of time 
and energy that used to go to that.

If I had a story I strongly wanted to tell, I could probably go back to 
some method of putting it first in my energy queue, wherever in the day 
that falls, but I don't at present.  My life seems to be on hold at the 
moment waiting for my son to move out, again.  Which is utterly 
pointless -- I used to write around _much_ more interruption than he 
presently supplies, but darn it, having worked for all those years to 
launch a family I think they should _stay launched_. Mutter.  I do spend 
a bit of time fantasizing about selling the house, moving, and not 
telling him where I've gone, but it probably wouldn't work; he'd be 
clever enough to track me down.

Ta, L.  Now going off to read an actual book.  It's not a very good 
book, but I mean to finish it anyway.

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