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> I've gotten this old book, a 1960s reprint of a book originally published
> when Rutherford B. Hayes was in office, as his wife apparently contributed
> recipes to it.
> It's called "Housekeeping in Old Virginia" and it records recipes for
> preparing just about any food available in the USA in the 1870s-1880s, as
> well as preparing your own household cleaners, fabric care, laundry, herbal
> remedies, etc.
> The sheer amount of lard they went through boggles my mind. That and I
> don't want my medical care to be from the 1870s ("add mercury sufficient to
> complete the task. Drink 1 cup every day"). eek.

I have a mid-20th century cookbook from some big American resort hotel
covering nothing but salads.  It's amazing how many recipes there are, and
how many things were considered "salads" back then...

There are not too many Fawn would prepare, though, as they tend to be quite

I've been lard-free for years, but have to say that for things like flaky
pie crusts, lard cannot be beat.


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