[LMB] OT: owl or lark, was sleep remedies

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Wed Sep 11 02:10:47 BST 2013

On Sep 9, 2013, at 7:28 PM, Jean Lamb <tlambs1138 at charter.net> wrote:

> Sort of an owl, married to a vampire (which must be dominant, because 
> both children are vampires). The time I worked swing shift as a 
> nurse's aide was the best shift, ever, for proper and enough sleep.

What's the difference between an owl and a vampire in this discussion?

To me, a vampire is sort of a super-owl; owls stay up late and sleep late,
but vampires stay up till dawn (Mike used to do that occasionally during
summer vacation, though he hasn't done that for a couple of years, he's
getting more of an owl and less vampire as he ages, though he prays that
he'll never become a super-lark like his dad; 4 am is what you stay up to,
not when you wake up, or so he fervently hopes). 

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