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> Ann writes:
> I have a mid-20th century cookbook from some big American resort hotel
> covering nothing but salads.  It's amazing how many recipes there are, and
> how many things were considered "salads" back then...
> How many things were considered "salads"?
> How so? 'Splain Lucy please?
> BJ
> --

I'm not at home so I can't respond immediately.  (It's a heavy book and I
didn't want to drag it on the train with me.)  But think several hundred
pages, each with several recipes.  They don't usually give the amounts for
ingredients, just list them.  There are also some full-color photographs
and long sections on making proper salad dressings etc.

(One recipe I do remember is some sort of celery salad.  A comment at the
end of the recipe recommends this salad made with mineral oil mayonnaise
"for treating obesity.")

Interestingly, the book opens with a comment about how Americans don't
appreciate "greens" as much as people elsewhere in the world.  So I guess
some things haven't changed.


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