[LMB] OT: real world implants

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Wed Sep 11 16:34:22 BST 2013

At 01:47 PM 9/10/2013, you wrote:
> > You are ignoring the point of the OP.
>I think you're not accounting for human nature.  If I had had (or someone I
>knew had had) such an experience, no way would I try any other IUD.
>  Presumably the flaws of the Dalkon Shield weren't known until they showed
>up; who is going to risk being the "lucky" one to discover the next one's
>flaws?  Now there's more solid data to work from and better techniques so
>it's a better risk but that "entire generation of American women" were most
>likely choosing to depend on methods that didn't put them in the hospital.

There are risks to every medical procedure.  At the time you were 
fitted with a Dalkon Shield, obviously the dangers were not then 
known, and had not been discovered in testing.  Once there was a 
wider experience, their dangers became known, and the item was 
removed from use.

At the time I got my first cataract removed, I had to watch a 30 
minute tape explaining all of the dangers (up to and including 
removal of the eye, and even death).

I am now alive because I have an artificial aortic valve.  I nearly 
died after the operation (in fact, I did die the day after but they 
got me going again).  If they said I needed something else, I would go do it.

Regards, Pete 

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