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>> That's darn amazing.
>> 75 years of paperbacks debasing American taste!
>> Is '50 Shades of Grey' worse than '101 Uses for a Dead Cat'?
>> Having read neither, I can't say, but as titles go.....
>> S - yes it is worse than 101 Uses - at least the cat book has a decent editor and doesn't have a whiny pathetic lead female (I won't use the H word because she is much to spineless to be an H).
> Uh--I must have had a deprived childhood or something.  WTH is the H word?  From context of this discussion, I thought it should have been the w word, which is pronounced as an H.  Or do I have this all wrong?

I speculated the same thing but decided that didn't fit either.    It doesn't fit the stereotype of a "whiny pathetic lead female".

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