[LMB] OT: Foreigners did not believe about America until they got there

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 13 23:40:48 BST 2013

Alison Hendon 
> My mother used to fill 2 large pots with tap water every night and let
> stand.  This helped to dissipate the chemical taste (in this case,
> chlorine.)  In the morning the water did taste better.  Worth a try?

My daughter has various critters as pets including newts, and they can't
cope with the chlorine in tapwater.  We used to buy bottled water (the big,
refillable ones by Culligan) for them, but nowadays she just fills a big
bucket with water and leaves it to stand by their terrarium to de-chlorinate
naturally.  Cheaper and much more environmentally friendly.  We also notice
that the cats will often go stick their heads in the bucket and drink from
it.  They're actually not very fussy, preferring to drink from dirty
puddles, the toilet, dripping taps and just about anywhere other than the
nice, clean water we provide for them in their bowl.  

So yes, I recommend just letting tapwater stand - if it's good quality tap
water to start with one really doesn't need to filter it.


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