[LMB] OT: Green Chicken Enchiladas

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
Tue Sep 17 06:36:08 BST 2013

Apparently repeatedly eating food that contains cilantro (provided the 
aversion is to the taste rather than allergy) cilantro after a few days will 
stop tasting  like soap.

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> ...And I finally found out what spice I was allergic to:  Cilantro.  And,
betcha, coriander.  Might be why I've always disliked Mexican food, without
ever realizing the true cause.  Of course, I might be allergic to the red
hot stuff as well as just disliking it.  But enough cilantro will send me to
the emergency for a shot, although in small amounts it just makes my lips
swell up.

Interesting.  The only thing it does to me is make the entire dish taste
like dish soap.

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