[LMB] Falling Free Chapter 10, the second

Antoine Guillaud antoineperso at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 07:18:27 BST 2013

> > But first things first, we meet Dr. Minchenko at long last!
> And he's instantly one of my favourite characters.

Same for me, see, we can agree on something. :)

> > Once Minchenko is gone, Leo does his best to help Claire focus on her
> job,
> > but doesn't know how they shall be able to get Tony out of the planet. He
> > acknowledges that fact, not making empty promises and Claire is mature
> > enough to recognize that trying at all cost to get Tony could mean the
> end
> > of the plan for the other quaddies. A moral dilemna. Leo manages to focus
> > Claire's anger outward and not inwards. It shows that Leo is not only a
> > great engineer he is also sensitive enough to understand what makes
> people
> > tick.
> ..... (combining these two paragraphs because they go together)
> > Meanwhile, Dr. Curry tries to convince Claire to relax for a routine
> > procedure. Claire guesses what the procedure is about, forced
> sterilization
> > and tries to run, but she is cornered and has to fight.Then Claire has an
> > epiphany: one of the most profound consequences for the quaddies: in free
> > fall, they are physically superior to dirt-born people. Claire manages to
> > overpower Dr. Curry and to sedate him, before running away to the hiding
> > place.
> Claire hasn't been a firework like Silver, she was somewhat passive,
> the sweet Mummy type. For me, this is one of the most important
> moments in the novel, when Claire finds her power.
Yes, because somehow it is the moment where the Quaddies, one of them at
least, realize that they are not inferior in any way to their creators, but
quite superior in their own environment. Prometheus unchained so to speak.

> It's interesting that all the really important moments are ones that
> happen inside people's heads. Leo committing to the quaddies and
> then getting the idea to steal a ship and run. Silver, Claire, Dr Minchenko
> and Mama Nilla - it's all about thoughts and realisations and decisions.
> And how you think creates your world.
> > In the third scene, the greek God of misspelling, Typos, makes an
> > apparition and ensures that the so much needed fuel is replaced with some
> > (apparently) useless and dangerous gasoline. ...
> > Right after that, we hit problem number three (it is going to be one of
> > those days for Leo): the clamps can't detach freely, they need to be
> > cut....
> Leo just keeps solving problems. He's doing awesome stuff and
> nobody even realises - I hope that future generations of quaddies,
> studying this event, realise how amazing he is!
> True, he is a natural born tinkerer and problem solver.

> > Meanwhile, Silver continues working on Ti, whilst Siggy daydreams about
> the
> > way marines would handle this, under the skillful leadership of Colonel
> > Wayne (First name John, I would hope). Even though they don't have much
> of
> > a plan, Silver rediscovers an old truth,namely that no battle plan
> survives
> > contact with the enemy and that they don't know how the enemy will react
> to
> > their err borrowing of the station.
> Silver is also awesome, and slightly scary. She's growing up fast.
> > At the Gym, Leo meets Brucie baby and learns of the next problems: due to
> > Minchenko's behaviour, there is no chance to get Tony back up and Bruce
> > forgets about gathering all the crew to announce the plans for the
> > quaddies, wanting to avoid another potential headache.
> Because he didn't have enough to worry about.
> > Within a chapter, seven different actions lead to setting the stage for
> the
> > take over of the station but also slowly change our view of the quaddies.
> > Whereas, at some level, they could be seen as children, right now, they
> get
> > a crash course into adulthood and we begin to see them as adults (well at
> > least I do).
> We have a new view of the quaddies - and so do they. They're finding
> out just what they can do, rather than being told what they can't do.
> And they're no longer some lesser version of human, now they're finding
> their full powers.
> But poor Leo, he's in a world of problems.
We don't want him to get bored, do we ? :)


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