[LMB] OT: Green Chicken Enchiladas

T Neill t_neill at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 17 21:22:50 BST 2013

 Nope.  Mostly I adjusted the cheese level and added onions.  And *really* changed the cooking method (from dipping tortillas in the sauce and frying them, then rolling them around the chicken goop and burning your fingers, to the lasagna method.)
Granted, the original cook book may have TexMexed the recipe.
T Neill <-- does not like burnt fingers

> P.S. T. Neill clearly rewrote this recipe to be Gringo Gourmet - you can tell by the ingredients list, more French than Mexican. 
> Tomatillos are a major ingredient in salsas of various sorts. I need to check on whether tomatillo season has come and gone out here - don't remember seeing them at the Grower's Market lately.

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