[LMB] OT: 9 Women Who Shaped Science Fiction

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Old classic SF where the conflict was of the nature of protagonist trying to 
accomplish something--build spaceship, colonize new planet, make successful 
first contact,  find a mate... did NOT necessarily require dystopic 

Walter Jon Williams' Drake Majistral novels didn't have them--Drake was a 
competitor in a galactic competition.

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Oh, Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) was a very good read for her first 
Zombie Apocalypse book -- bloggers vs. zombies (Feed). But that's definitely 
a dystopic world, and I didn't pick up Blackout. I'm guessing it's dystopic, 

I can't remember if it was last year or the year before that I made a 
definite effort to read the Hugo nominees. I think I skipped one because it 
wouldn't ship to Japan, and it was also definitely labeled "dystopic."

You really need some dystopic elements for a full-length book. It's 
conflict. But an unrelenting, unhappy book with a sour ending is not my cup 
of tea. I like my protags to laugh in the face of problems -- not to grimly 
cut off the knees of problems and find that the problem, in toppling over, 
has stabbed the protags fatally in their backs.

But then again, there have been plenty of "happy" SF that I haven't enjoyed 
fully, either. 

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