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On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 3:00 PM, Damien Sullivan
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> Pre-bottled water is largely being marketed as an *alternative* to tap
> water, not a supplement for when tap water isn't available.  "spring
> water" and all.  That's why it's being questioned.
> Why did my workplace in San Francisco -- with excellent glacial tap
> water -- bring in 5 gallon bottles rather than having us fill our cups
> in the kitchen?

It continues to boggle me that people are so picky about WATER.  I've
filtered and treated water out of some of the slimiest puddles in some
of the nastiest places around the world and drank it and happy to get

I'll drink any municipal water in the US and if it's got an odd taste
I'll add flavor.

FWIW though, I have found that my ability to taste differences in
water is much less when I am drinking from a hydration bladder rather
than from a bottle or cup.

I hate disposable bottles with a passion, though on a rare occasion we
have to buy a flat of them when we are working some project.  The damn
bottles end up everywhere.  I was glad to be part of testing the SODIS
method for emergency water treatment in disaster areas.  With it
sending in pallets of bottled water in the proper bottles for the
method makes sense as they can be reused for water treatment.

No real content here, just musing on the topic as I've spent the last
three days working building a shelter for a nature preserve I manage
and going through 2 gallons of water a day.

Anmar Mirza EMT, N9ISY, NCRC National Coordinator, RBNC President

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