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Fri Sep 20 19:11:19 BST 2013

When I was living back in the bush in Liberia in the 60s, we boiled all 
our drinking water for 20 minutes, then it went very slowly through big 
stone filters.  Our clothes were washed in the river, and then ironed 
with charcoal irons ostensibly to kill all the nasty river bugs.  (I 
didn't have to do that -- there were native launderers.)  Of course we 
showered (bucket shower) in the same river water...anyway, we were darn 
careful about drinking water, and once in a while got various "runny 
belly" anyway. When in Monrovia we mostly drank bottled soda (Fanta and 
Coke) as you couldn't trust the water there either.  We could also trust 
Scotch.  We flew back via Amsterdam, and it was such a treat to drink 
water right from the tap.

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