[LMB] Completely OT: Diskworld Kindle Alert!!!

Andrew Barton andrew.157barton at btinternet.com
Fri Sep 20 22:12:32 BST 2013

Jeff Shultz wrote:
> Having just purchased them all... what order should I read them in?

Cally Perry:
> Failing that, the important
> thing is *not* to read The Color of Magic first.    The Color of Magic was
> Pratchett's first book, and he got a *lot* better after that.

Just to nitpick, CoM wasn't Terry's first book.  Wikipedia correctly states:

'Pratchett's first two adult novels, The Dark Side of the Sun (1976) and Strata (1981), were both science-fiction, the latter taking place partly on a disc-shaped world.'

I read both when they came out.  I didn't see his earlier children's book, 'The Carpet People' until the revised 1992 version.

Andrew, smugly

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