[LMB] bottled water - not entirely OT

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 21 16:48:22 BST 2013

Judy R. Johnson wrote
> Imodium, I think it was, that helped.  My traveling partner grew up in
> Venezuela, and never was affected by the local germs, and didn't think to
> warn me about the orange juice.  Because she was a professional
> interpreter, she traveled all the time and so kept her immunities
My doctor, whose husband's job as director of the Calgary Zoo took them
travelling to exotic climes, gave me a tip for travelling in regions with
uncertain water supplies.  She prescribed Cipro, to have on hand in case of
emergencies - it's a strong antibiotic that will swiftly take care of
Montzuma's Revenge or its brethren.  In this instance I was travelling to
the Dominican Republic with friends and sure enough halfway through our stay
one of them came down with the runs.  I was doing fine so I gave her half my
Cipro supply and she was back on the beach the following day so while I
can't vouch personally for it, she reckoned it was amazing, so I try to
ensure I always have some on hand.  These days my husband, who also travels
to some pretty outlandish places, does the same and also swears by it.  An
ounce of prevention, and all that.

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