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Wiki quotes the risk of male-to-female transmission at 0.08% in high-income
societies, which is far different than your assumption of near certainty in
the nine years after the operation before he died in 1992. While his wife
was undoubtedly lucky, we don't know when when his HIV was discovered so
the magnitude of her risk is unknown and your conclusion unfounded.

On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 1:39 PM, Matthew George <matt.msg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Asimov died from complications associated with HIV, contracted during a
> triple bypass in 1983.  Ms. Janet Asimov has, to my knowledge, not
> contracted HIV.  I find it highly unlikely that a married couple in the
> 1980s would have been using a form of contraception which also happened to
> protect against the transmission of HIV. Since it would have been a very
> long time between when Mr. Asimov became infectious and when his condition
> would have been recognized or he became so ill as to prevent sexual
> activity, we can conclude that the Asimovs did not have sexual intercourse
> during the last nine years of their marriage; it is highly probable that
> this state of affairs preceded the infection.
> Of course, this doesn't rule out sexual activity.  But it does put pretty
> severe limits on the types of activity possible.  Or, it's possible that
> Ms. Asimov was fairly lucky.  But the odds are significantly against it.
> Matt "feels guilty about inferring so much about personal lives" G.
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