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On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 12:47 PM, T Neill <t_neill at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Me:
> shelves that mention authors as a reason books are on that shelf.
> Yes, clumsy writing on my part.  I was trying to be neutral.  They're
> deleting shelves where author *behavior* is the reason the books are on
> that shelf. But evidently only negative author behavior.

That's fine by me - the only author behavior I'm really interested in is
"Pratchett writes books really fast" and so does Seanan McGuire, for that
matter.  Knowing that an author is a flaming misogynist or homophobe
generally means I won't $pay for books and support the author, but it
doesn't hit my reviews unless said views come across in the book.

> A "Supportive of Readers" or "Likes Dogs" shelf is likely to stay.  A
> "Homophobes" or "Abuses Readers" shelf is likely to go.

Also reasonable.

> But the crux of my post was to warn any Good Reads members to back up
> their data there or re-name shelves if it's not too late already.
> T Neill
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