[LMB] bottled water - entirely OT:

Stewart Dean sdean at sdean.net
Mon Sep 23 14:37:41 BST 2013

Raymond said:
> I'm comfortable drinking tap water. If there are dangerous bacteria in my
> drinking water, my immune system processed them a long time ago.

While in general Raymond is right, I'd point out that, ffor example, 
that if there's typhoid in the water and you weren't immunized, you'll 
not just be the toilet king, but dead without modern medicine.  We tend 
to take modern medicine for granted as the backstop that is always 
there.  And that's wrong on two counts:
1) Assuming it's always there to save us.  To put it make a false 
equivalence, I don't have to drive safely if I wear a seat belt
2) The true backstop is public health, which should make things so that, 
by and large, we don't have to fight the battles using modern medicine 
because there *aren't* wells contaminated with typhod, the meat is 
inspected. etc. My father, a doctor who was in medical scholl in the 
late '30's just as the wonder drugs first appeared, always said that 90% 
of keeping a populace healthy is good public health.

Having said that, yes, our immune system need to be trained, yes they 
are shielded from too much.  And I wish to God, there was some way to 
train my immune system to recognize Lyme disease, because it's severely 
curtailed my life.  And yes I know there was a vaccine....but it was 
taken off the market because it seemed it had dreadful side-effects for 
some...likerheumatoid arthritis.

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