[LMB] OT: bottled water

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Mon Sep 23 19:19:48 BST 2013

Carol said:

> I think the objection is that it's so questionable from an environmental
> point of view.  

I too feel iffy about such wanton use of plastic, and try to minimize the waste. 

> I think it's understandable if you're out somewhere and
> there's nowhere to refill your bottle, but that rarely happens to me.  

Yes, that's what happens to me a lot. I can't carry too much weight, and I don't drive, so it's usually while walking or on the bus that I need water that isn't readily available.  Once my  10-12 oz bottle is empty, I usually don't have many options except to buy bottled water.  I'm not talking daily basis here... but I'd consider it justified when I do.

> I have a refillable metal bottle which I keep in the fridge and carry around
> with me.  I rarely find that I'm unable to refill it from a drinking
> fountain or tap wherever I am.

Yes. I find I often am in locations without either possibility.  When the possibility exists, yes, I refill my bottle.

>  I won't say I've never bought bottled water
> because of course I have, but it's a rare occasion.  

I buy a couple of dozen bottles once or twice a year, and then maybe another dozen or so single bottles throughout the year.

> I go to conferences
> where at lunch they have bottles of water on the serving table at breaks and
> lunch, when all they need is jugs of iced tap water.  

Yes. I like jugs and glasses! As long as they keep refilling the pitchers and putting out more glasses. It also bugs me a little when they do that, but use plastic glasses.  No better than using bottled water, as far as I can see.


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