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     There must be someway of "training" the immune system of our young.
without recklessly harming them. It's a forgone conclusion that the Native
American population succumbed to our European diseases because their immune
system didn't have the right antigens to fight them off. Today we use
vaccines and they do a good job of protecting us, but there are also
immunity problems that we haven't found a vaccine for because they might be
a overreaction to some biological agency. The clue might be seen in the
behavior of babies and small children who put things in the mouth. This
might serve two purposes, 1. to explore their environment to the full
extant of their five senses, and 2 to gird their immune system from their

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> But 'mostly harmless to adults' it isn't.  The association with
> schizophrenia alone...
> Matt G.
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