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>> "You still hurt, but you don't care."
>> It might be Halcion. You may not, in the States, take it more than 12 days at a time, lest your memory be mucked up. My husband has taken it for plane travel, and when he was having a tooth implant prep, and some time later, the implant itself, he was given Halcion. I think for that surgery, NO was contraindicated. He gets through most dental procedures using NO. Son likes it too, I see no need for me to use it
> I don't know what NO is, but my dentist gives me something with a needle right in the nerve for whichever tooth, and I go numb for about 6 hours.

NO= Nitrous oxide, aka laughing, gas. What you probably get is an improvement on novacaine. Alas, my periodontal procedure was too close for healing when I got the permanent crown, right next to those teeth in a still-very-tender area. They couldn't numb the area completely due to needing feedback on crown fit. I tried to do calming breathing, but could not concentrate on it due to the frequency of painful jabs in that, yes, still tender area. Don't think I'll have any aftermath pain from this morning's procedure, but maybe I should put off the gum grafts, currently scheduled for the 3rd, another week or two, so that the last surgical area can fully heal before I have more pain in my lower jaw. You see, I can do waaaaaaay too many calories & sugars in a liquid/soft food regimen.

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