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There's others, here and there. Characters who do some pretty terrible
things, but I can understand why they do them, and even feel that they were
caught in situations that didn't give them many good options (or, at least,
that they didn't recognise any good options.)

Tien.... not on my sympathy list. His problems are self-inflicted. 
And he had plenty of Vor advantages, he could have done well in life if he'd
stopped being such a total waste of space.  Bruce also doesn't get any

Gwynne (darn it, now my mind is turning over all the villains, and
classifying them as sympathetic or not.)
JRJ at Friday, September 27, 2013

Well, wasn't Tien a "Borderline Personality Disorder?"  Surely if he had
been on Beta that could have been diagnosed and treated.  And Komarr hadn't
had any Time of Isolation and presumably kept up with medical matters.  If
Tien had been hired by the Komarrans instead of the Barrayarans (was he, or
not?), wouldn't there be pre-hiring tests to identify the condition?  At
that time in his life, however, he would have indignantly spurned any help,
just as he did with his main disease and -- worse -- for his son.

Should think that, on Beta, school kids are periodically monitored for
mental adjustment and, on the whole, it would be a positive advantage.  So
one could also feel sympathy even for Tien.  (But it ain't easy.)

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