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On 27 Sep 2013, at 11:15, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> But then I have a tendency to feel sorry for the 'wrong' 
> characters, and sometimes to take a violent dislike for a 
> character who's supposed to be received fondly. 

> There's others, here and there. Characters who do some pretty
> terrible things, but I can understand why they do them, and even
> feel that they were caught in situations that didn't give them many
> good options (or, at least, that they didn't recognise any good options.)

I'm in a troupe called The House of Inanna. After researching Ereskigal, her older/twin sister or opposite, for our major routine in 2011, I began to think less and less fondly of that Goddess in the name of our troupe. Inanna got away with murder, and Ereshkigal was the one no one liked. Any possible graphical depiction of Ereshkigal was ambiguous: the standard icon for Inanna has also been thought to be Ereshkigal AND Lilith. I felt quite sorry for Ereshkigal  and know that had I been in her place, I would have been just as prickly and unhappy. Her pantheon was no help, either--they kept her underground, never allowed to emerge. Hades was able to walk away from his realms, above ground, but not Ereshkigal.

I can certainly understand Mark's resentments of Miles. Maybe that's something Cordelia saw, too.

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