[LMB] Audiobook recs?

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If you like urban fantasy, James Masters reads the "Dresden" books very
well.  If you like British mysteries, "Her Royal Spyness" has an excellent
reader who does several shades of English accent - from upper-crust Brit to
Irish to Cockney and Southern Belle.

I second (or third) Grover Gardener's reading of the Miles books.

If you like steam punk, I recommend the "Soulless" series by Gail
Carringer. The main character is as reliable a narrator as Miles. Heh. :)
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> On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 4:17 AM, Jennifer Johnson <jlmj63 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> > I've never been a fan of audiobooks - its always struck me as a very
> inefficient way to consume a book. But I'm trying to build up a library and
> would appreciate any recs y'all can provide. In particular (and the reason
> I'm asking on this list), are there any LMB audiobooks that stand out for
> you? Thanks!
> As someone who road trips a lot and who used to spend much of my day
> at a sewing machine or layout-cutout table, I have an impressive
> library of audiobooks on top of what I would check out from the
> library.  I have a complete collection of LMB from both the Reader's
> Chair and the newer ones.
> ALL of the Vor series for me are outstanding, and if you can get the
> Reader's Chair versions (alas not the entire series) IMO they are
> better.  But I think I have listened to Shards of Honor, Barrayar,
> Brothers in Arms, and Memory most of all (SoH prolly 10-15 times).
> Having flogged LMB's stuff, there are some authors I enjoy listening
> to more than reading (not Lois, obviously!).  Earlier Tom Clancy for
> example.  The Jack Ryan series are engaging and well produced.
> Also, most of the John Grisham series, particularly the legal ones,
> and in particular all of the ones set in Ford County (A Time to Kill,
> The Summons, The Last Juror) are awesome and lend themselves well to
> the audio format.  The Last Juror in particular made me laugh and cry
> which is hard to do in an audiobook.
> I also like much of the David Baldacci stuff on audiobook more than print.
> Dean Koontz can be absolutely spellbinding in audio, I can't stand
> reading him.  I especially recommend the Odd Thomas series and the
> Moonlight Bay series, but if you are into a little more Hitchcockian
> thriller, "Intensity" is very well done (a little actual gore, but
> mostly edge of your seat psychological).
> I also listen to the Jonathan Kellerman series, especially the Dr. Alex
> series.
> For fun, Janet Evonavich are way more fun to listen to than read.
> I have a lot more, but that's off the top of my head away from my
> library to see.
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