[LMB] Audiobook recs?

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> It's controversial, but I love the audiobook of Curse of Chalion (not
> everyone agrees with me that it's brilliantly read). I also like the
> audiobooks of Paladin of Souls and the Sharing Knife books. I'll less
> thrilled by the Grover Gardner readings of the Miles books. I never really
> understood the plot of Hallowed Hunt until I listened to it, though. I was
> distinctly underwhelmed by the reading of The Spirit Ring.
> If you like Amelia Peabody, the Barbara Rosenblat readings of especially
> the early Amelias are wonderful, as is Night Train to Memphis (a Vicky
> Bliss novel).
> If mysteries are to your  taste, the Susan Ericksen reading of the JD Robb
> In Death books are also great. In the middle of the series, she started
> messing with some of the voices (Peabody in particular - maybe there was a
> different director?) but she found her way again shortly thereafter, and
> the later books went back to being wonderfully read. It seems to me that
> the character of Roarke is losing a bit of his Irish accent in the later
> books, but that could just be my faulty memory.
> -becca
> On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 4:17 AM, Jennifer Johnson <jlmj63 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> > I've never been a fan of audiobooks - its always struck me as a very
> > inefficient way to consume a book. But I'm trying to build up a library and
> > would appreciate any recs y'all can provide. In particular (and the reason
> > I'm asking on this list), are there any LMB audiobooks that stand out for
> > you? Thanks!
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Who puts out the Paladin of Souls audiobook?

I listen to audiobooks on road trips etc. 

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