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Ivana would be a second Donna Vorrutyer

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> > After reading this:
> > http://electricliterature.com/ursula-k-le-guin-talks-to-michael-cunningham-about-genres-gender-and-broadening-fiction/
> > I wonder, which On Topic characters would make interesting tales if their genders were different?
> Any of them would be interesting, if Lois is writing it. 
> But some would be far more different. Any Barrayaran characters 
> or Cetagandan characters would have a very different story to tell.
> Athosian - not possible.
> Betan, Jacksonian, Komarran, quaddie - not so different. 
> Herm and ba - maybe they could swap with each other? 
> Miles as a female - still as smart and driven, but with very different
> choices. I could see Milesia as enormously manipulative, possibly 
> politically minded. And there'd be younger children, little brothers
> and sisters to care for and manage. But no Mark, at least not the
> one we know. 
> Ivan... oh wow. I could see Ivana becoming a real rebel. Our Ivan
> went along with Alys's plans, on the surface, but had a busy social
> life and resisted the one thing she really wanted, getting married 
> to produce grandchildren. I could see Ivana as a more obvious
> rebel perhaps - going to the dances, smiling and behaving, but going
> to university as well, and quietly joining various pressure groups to
> campaign for equality, and fast change on Barrayar. 
> Gregor - would be much happier, not ruling an empire. Maybe 
> Gregoria would have a younger brother, since Ezar would want
> Serg and Kareen to keep trying for that precious male heir. 
> The stories would be as interesting, but very different.
> And why do I keep seeing Milesia as Cavilo?
> Gwynne
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