[LMB] Curse of Chalion

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Mon Dec 1 03:10:37 GMT 2014

[LMB] Curse of Chalion
Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 21:29:04 GMT 2014

R:  I've picked up The Curse of Chalion again.

On the first page we see, "Baocia's bony soil". I'd always figured before
that "bony soil" was metaphorical, but it strikes me that perhaps that is a
common term that I am actually unfamiliar with. Thoughts? Who knows about

LMB:  It's meant metaphorically; a thin soil that the underlying rock 
sometimes breaks through.

R:  Also, how is Baocia pronounced.

LMB:  I pronounce it Bay-OH-see-uh

R:  There are some lovely examples of Lois providing world-relevant 
in clever, non-info-dump ways. One that stood out for me was, after dy
Ferrej (which I also don't know how to pronounce)

LMB:  dee FerEJH, with a soft J...  like the j in rajah.


I recall someone in the past grumbling about Betriz being presented to
Cazaril as a reward,

LMB:  Some people have issues.  Some have subscriptions.

R:  but it appears to me that Betriz is enamoured with
Cazaril from the get-go. And I can see why, with my
remembered-eighteen-year-old brain and imagined pent-up-in-a-castle brain.
Cazaril shows up rather mysteriously as a solider with new and different
perspectives. He nay-say's Tidez quite confidently. Betriz's father, who
was privy to Caz's first story, treats him with respect and honour. I can
see why she would offer to bring his new clothes to him and go out of her
way to strap her father's second best sword to him. And then sidle up to
him at the Spring rites.

Though, it struck me too that in Chalion-bizarro world Cazaril might have
been an appropriate romance for Ista. No wait, I had second thoughts
immediately upon typing that, as THAT story would be about Cazaril saving
Ista and would result in a rather uneven relationship. She hasn't
rediscovered herself yet in Chalion.

LMB:  That was more-or-less the same train of thought the Author took.   
I considered it for a time, but Ista's complexity deserved -- and needed 
-- more than being a subplot in someone else's book. No question young 
Ista was a huge crush of Caz's back when he was a lanky, feckless page, 
but... people do move on.  These two more than many.

Though I do remember my Eos editors looking very nonplussed when I 
pitched Ista's book to them, over dinner at a con, I forget which one.  
It was much the same look of suppressed dismay Jim Baen had back when I 
pitched _Barrayar_ to him over a meal at that long-ago PhilCon in '89.  
I don't think I describe my books very effectively.

Ta, L.

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