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Cotes de Rhone,  (circumflex over the o) coast of Rhone, a wine-making 
region of France

Amber Cider is not a pun, it's one of the standard ciders Woodchuck makes. 
Not all the beverages from companies wont to sometimes pun in beverage 
names, get puns for names.

Only the most inveterate punsters never don;t make make.  Dag and Fawn might 
appreciate some puns, but not nonstop and all the time!

By the way, there's a commercial bakery in Maine, with the name When Pigs 
Fly -- and their products tend to be kosher!

--Paula Lieberman
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> On 28 Nov 2014, at 09:08, Paula Lieberman <paal at filker.org> wrote:
> > Someone asked about the puns involved in craft breweries' offerings.
> There's one that has The Route of all Evil as a beverage designation. 
> Then
> there are the cider brewers.   There's Angry Orchard with Sinnful Cider,
> and Out on a Limb, and the worst of all, is Woodchuck Cider's twelve pack
> that include three bottle Amber Cider, ...
> 7 Deadly Zins. The Goats Do Roam. Those are the two that come to mind
> right now....
> Old Sheep Dip single malt.*I* thought it was a joke-booze, but when I saw
> it at a gas & sip in Oban (Scotland), I had to conclude it was Real. Still
> haven’t tried it.

So...  Granny Ogg's cider, Suicider, is pretty clear, but what's Amber
And why is 'the goats do roam' a joke?  Wait. Now that I'm typing instead
of reading (yay typos) is that supposed to be 'Rome' or something?

Sylvia, clueless and quite sober, thank you
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