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> Though I do remember my Eos editors looking very nonplussed when I pitched Ista's book to them, over dinner at a con, I forget which one.  It was much the same look of suppressed dismay Jim Baen had back when I pitched _Barrayar_ to him over a meal at that long-ago PhilCon in '89.  I don't think I describe my books very effectively.

Howard: But we've seen how that came out.    As did the Eos editors.
Micki: What Howard said. But what came in between? Did you have to pitch it differently? Did they pull a Gregor and say, "Well, let's see what happens."?  I love the concept of a woman's journey to find herself. And tangentially, I'm reading a book online right now about three "maiden ladies" who are still making their mark on their world. It's a series of short stories from the 1910s, so there's a lot of racism, both fleeting, and sometimes the racism (or the thinking about race without a happy, we-can-get-along ending) underpins a story. I'm halfway through.  But these ladies! All are over 45 years old, I think. One has a motorcar and drives better than most men. One is rather sentimental, but brings heart to the stories. And the narrator is pretty much no-nonsense. She has foibles, but she sees them for the most part. (Except in the racist story. Anti-Syrian.) It's so interesting to see people talking about race and nature treks and automobiles and new trends . . . it still has a very fresh feeling despite being 100 years old.  (-: And, like Ista, they have their journeys. They head off to Panama for a change in scenery . . . . Of course, their journeys are only incidental to their inner travels. They certainly aren't old ladies who sit at home, waiting for life to come to them. They also go out and find life.  http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc2.ark:/13960/t3nv9bd02;view=2up;seq=8Tish: Mind Over Motor, by Mary Roberts Rinehart Micki  

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