[LMB] The Law on Barrayar

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> "May God bless and keep the Count---FAR AWAY from us!"
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> > I wonder if "village rights" are actually more important in practice than
> > in theory. The vale seems to have been pretty much allowed to govern
> > itself; petitioning for electricity etc really only had effect when they'd
> > already caught the heir's eye. Perhaps traditionally, Vor Lords were too
> > busy making war on each other to really mess with local politics. So, many
> > rights would depend upon the community? I'm sure villagers would have to
> > pay taxes, and maybe supplies and men during times of war. But as long as
> > they did that, I don't see the Lord messing around too much with them. And
> > vice versa -- as long as the Lord was holding up his end of the feudal
> > deal, they probably tried not to bother him too much.  Micki (Just
> > speculating.)
> > --

Since I have seen no sign of a second-or-third-level aristocracy, the sort of lord who lived on the manor and was basically the richest farmer around, I'd say the villages were so self-sufficient that when modernizing Counts try to bring uniform law and cash taxation to them, there will be (or was) an almighty uproar. "Treading on our ancient liberties!" 

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