[LMB] OT: update

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Tue Dec 2 15:32:47 GMT 2014

At 08:25 AM 12/2/2014, Natali Vilic wrote:
>My husband had his first last year, and he said that he was surprised how
>quickly and not horribly it went. He was very worried (not to say scared)
>before the procedure. The only thing he was complaining about is being all
>bloated for a few hours afterwards. After he managed to get rid of the
>gasses, everything was in perfect order.

Getting the colonoscopy is nothing.  They doze you off and you don't 
know anything is happining.  However, getting cleaned out was, in my 
case, so horrible that I will never get another.  I s@#% all over my 
carpet when I couldn't get to the bathroom in time.

Regards, Pete 

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