[LMB] Marrying out of Vor

scottwashburn at comcast.net scottwashburn at comcast.net
Tue Dec 2 19:01:59 GMT 2014

When a non-Vor woman marries a Vor husband she becomes Vor. We've seen this in the case of Miles' grandfather and father marrying non-Barrayarans (and hence, non-Vor) and yet the women became Countess Vorkosigan. And Tej by marrying Ivan became Lady Vorpatril. So no problem there. 
But what if (heaven forbid) a Vor woman marries a non-Vor husband? Is she just tossed out of the Vor class? Disowned, dishonored? Or does she still retain some Vor privileges? And her children (her Vor father's grandchildren), do they retain any Vor connections? 

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