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In ACC, Ivan mentioned one of his past girlfriends had mentioned someone
"he wasn't even Vor - rich as heck, though."
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> >
> > When a non-Vor woman marries a Vor husband she becomes Vor. We've seen
> this in the case of Miles' grandfather and father marrying non-Barrayarans
> (and hence, non-Vor) and yet the women became Countess Vorkosigan. And Tej
> by marrying Ivan became Lady Vorpatril. So no problem there.
> >
> > But what if (heaven forbid) a Vor woman marries a non-Vor husband? Is
> she just tossed out of the Vor class? Disowned, dishonored? Or does she
> still retain some Vor privileges? And her children (her Vor father's
> grandchildren), do they retain any Vor connections?
> I don't remember any examples.   However, in our world, we have seen many
> cases where she kept her title, but her children did not inherit.
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