[LMB] The Law on Barrayar

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 From Mountains of Mourning:"A group of amateur musicians arrived with their homemade mountain instruments, rather breathless, obviously the band tapped for all the major weddings and wakes in Silvy Vale; this all seemed more like a funeral to Miles every minute.The musicians stood in the middle of the yard and played. Miles's porch-HQ now became his aristocratic box seat. It was hard to get involved with the music when the audience was all so intently watching him. Some songs were serious, some — rather carefully at first — funny. Miles's spontaneity was frequently frozen in mid-laugh by a faint sigh of relief from those around him; his stiffening froze them in turn, self-stymied like two people trying to dodge each other in a corridor.But one song was so hauntingly beautiful — a lament for lost love — that Miles was struck to the heart. Elena... In that moment, old pain transformed to melancholy, sweet and distant: a sort of healing, or at least the realization that a healing had taken place, unwatched. He almost had the singers stop there, while they were perfect, but feared they might think him displeased. But he remained quiet and inward for a time afterward, scarcely hearing their next offering in the gathering twilight." BJ BJ van Look vanlook (at) yahoo (dot) com
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 the human voice.

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> > "May God bless and keep the Count---FAR AWAY from us!”
> I’d complain that the menorah lights blew out, but it’ll be the last 
> part
> of the month for that.
> Do they have much in the way of fiddle (or Klezmer) music on Barrayar?

If they have stringed instruments, and IIRC, they do, I'm sure the violin 
among them, meaning yes, they have fiddles (same difference, different
style) as well. Come to think of it, there was a backwoods party in
Mountains of Mourning - what instruments did they bring?

And you can't tell me there isn't some village in the Dendarii Mountains
where they're playing "the music of our forefathers" at a celebration 
the ghost of a Broadway musical writer looks on in bemused pleasure.
(Hoisting a mug of maple mead) "Tradition!" - and the youngsters have 
lap links open with the latest popular music videos competing with "this
old-fashioned stuff."

BTW - let's figure out what musical instruments made it through the Time 
Isolation - for troubled times, portable, readily available, or able to be
made with hand tools, from what's at hand. Some sort of flute or panpipes;
something with strings (sheep gut strings?) , drums ... any other ideas?

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