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There are some titles in Europe and the islands in the vicinity, which -can- 
be inherited by women, e.g. the first Duke of Marlborough had daughters, no 
sons, but Parliament authorized the title to be inheritably by his 

Count Rumford absconded from New Hampshire after a tarring and feathering, 
on a British ship to the other side of the Atlantic, leaving behind his wife 
and young daughter.  He never came back, and they never left, so while he 
was a married man and apparently remained married for the rest of his life, 
he and his wife and daughter never reunited. He achieved fame, fortune, an 
appointment to the Royal Society, and a European Patent of Nobility, but not 
reuniting with wife and daughter.  The US Congress passed a bill authorizing 
the daughter to accept the heredity title of Rumford (she was a US 
citizen--he was not, he left before or during the war cementing US 
independence from the UK)

(Presumably the title died with her, since she did not have any children)

On Barrayar, women do not get titles.

--Paula Lieberman
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I think Princesses keep their titles when they marry out of the top echelon 
of Vor. I think there are three ranks of Vor -- royalty, counts and plain 
Vor. So, I think the lady would keep her title, but it wouldn't pass to the 
children. There's a good possibility that her daughters could marry into 
Vor, though. She'd have the connections and probably the Vor-taste to gain 
them entrance to society. If she married high-plebians.  Micki
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