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I think of Heyer novels, where Lady So-and-So marries plain Mister Whoever. 
Their children are of the aristocracy, but not the nobility.  Some of 
Heyer's lead male characters were plain Misters, and not Lord or Sir 
Whoevers--related to nobles and baronets and such and part of the Society 
due to male descendance or the wife's title, but if the descendants did not 
marry back into the nobility, they turned into e.g. the familes such as the 
Heyer heorines who were second or third cousins of nobility, and in 
semi-genteel poverty and social obsurity.

And again, the UK had -some- titles which women could inherit.

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> But what if (heaven forbid) a Vor woman marries a non-Vor husband?

The closest we see in the books, the one outstanding Vor woman/non-Vor man
couple, is Alys and Simon Illyan... who aren't even married, but are
obviously a couple and recognized as such by the highest of high Vor (the
Emperor and Empress, and the Vorkosigans). No one would dare consider Alys
Vorpatril "demoted", would they? And I don't remember even a tiny hint of
"they aren't married/can't marry because he's not Vor" in discussions of
their relationship by the other characters in the stories.

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