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There's an absoute preference for boy babies in India especially and in 
China and other countries, and there doesn;t need to be a one child policy 
for the abortion of female fetuses or infanticide of newborn girls, to 
occur.  Since legal slavery of the form the Greeks and Romans practiced on 
unwanted daughters * didn't exist, the way families in countries where 
families want and will raise sons preferentially over daughters, the option 
is abortion or infanticide.  (Or in Taliban areas the women who had access 
to ultrasound aborted female fetuses "because it is better to never be born 
than grow up female under Taliban").

* "Every man, even a rich man, will expose a daughter.  Every man, even a 
poor man, will raise a son."  -- quoted in  Women in Hellenistic Egypt by 
Sarah B. Pomeroy.  Unwanted daughters were put outside the house for the 
neighbors to take home and raise as slave, who were economically valuable 
for producing good and services which provided services and cash to the 
family taking the baby home to raise as a slave girl.   Raised by the birth 
family as the daughter of a citizen, the family had to produce a dowry to 
marry the girl off to a scion of some other family, and be out a very large 
sum of money for the dowry which effectively became part of the wealth of 
the groom's family.  So, every family wanted to get well-dowered daughters 
of some other families to book the family's economic status  as wives for 
their sons, and wanted only sons and no daughters, to avoid have to lose the 
sums that dowries were, along with all the costs for raising daughters to 
marriage age.

Some parts of Barrayar may still have had that, wasn't Bothari collecting 
dowy money for Elena or some such?
--Paula Lieberman

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At 06:51 PM 12/2/2014, alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca wrote:
>Wasn't there something in ACC or CVA where Ivan bemoaned the lack of 
>eligible females -- and one factor was Vor maidens marrying successful 
>business people, not all of which were Vor?

I gathered that the lack of successful females was due to the parents
being able to choose a sex for the child, and a cultural preference
existed for male children (cf. modern China.  evidently with the one
child policy, female fetuses were being aborted). 

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