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Perhaps on Barrayar, or in the Wide Green World, or in Chalion, the
instruments heard on PDQ Bach's compositions are real.

On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 9:34 PM, M. Haller Yamada <thefabmadamem at yahoo.com>

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> wrote:
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> > You know, I think even in the Wide Green World there'd be cultural
> memories. They had a highly civilized existence before the Mages wiped
> everything out. And I am pretty sure they had world-wide trade (see the
> apple trees).  And, see my other post about work rhythms bringing stringed
> instruments into play naturally. The wind on the ropes, the ropes creaking
> against a boat . . . . Micki
> Howard:Cultural memories from what culture(s)?
> Howard: While stringed instruments seem natural to me, bowed instruments
> less so.
> Micki: I'm a little fuzzy on the origin of the Malices, but they were
> created by the leftovers of a giant Mage War. And in my mind, at least,
> those mages were living to a 20th century standard of life. I know WGW is
> not our world, but I imagine them living with something that was very
> similar to what we have -- including stringed and bowed instruments.
> Micki: As for stringed/bowed instruments . . . I suspect they may have come
> from the same source. Tie down a tent or a sail. Trip over it, and hear it
> go "boing!" then pluck it a few more times to make sure you heard what you
> heard. And proceed to put that sound into the campfire band that night.
> Drag another rope over it by accident, or somehow scrape it, and you've got
> the same scenario.  Micki: One instrument I'm fascinated with is the
> Aeolian harp -- bottles stuck in dirt at different angles that caught the
> breeze and whistled. The idea is charming! The reality would probably send
> someone out with a shovel at three in the morning during a windstorm . . .
> . But I bet Barrayarans had tubes of all sorts, and maybe glassblowing was
> an early found art. So, Aeloian harps, or Franklin's armonica (wineglasses
> tuned and stroked) were also probably a part of Barrayaran music at some
> point and time.  Micki
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