[LMB] Curse of Chalion, Lois' favourite books

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 16:43:30 GMT 2014

Has Lois mentioned before what her favourite books (of hers) are? Reading
through Chalion again, it feels so beautifully written and
well-constructed, it made me wonder which of her books she feels the most
proud of. I guess there might be different favourites for different
reasons. Characters that are her favourite versus books that are her
favourite because of the way they came together or how it felt to write

The Vorkosigan books will probably always be my favourites just because I
feel so connected to the characters. There have been so many books--I've
gotten to live with Miles for so long. But if all the books were one-off, I
think Chalion would be my favourite. The world is so interesting and yet
the delivery of information about the world never feels belaboured. Of
course, after reading through Chalion I'll probably move onto Paladin and
maybe my opinion on favourites will change again.

Writing Caz must have been a nice break from Miles: Writing someone who no
longer has ambition but is thrust into a prestigious role instead of
someone with oceans of ambition hustling for prestige.

(Mind you, it's hard to try to focus on the structure and writing of Curse
of Chalion because I always get sucked into the story and stop paying
attention to WHY it's good, just THAT it's good.)

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