[LMB] Curse of Chalion, Lois' favourite books

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Someone first assumed I had already read the Vorkosigan books by posting me
a link to a fanfic loved. I had no idea what they were talking about but
they said (basically) "swords and spaceships, Imperial Russia, feudal
England, bisexual main characters, I thought you would be all over that".
And believe me  I was once I had got a copy of Shards and then Barrayar, I
was. I will always prefer Miles's parents to himself, even though he is
also interesting to read about, and I love Ekaterin, she is awesomesauce.
Barrayar is one of my favourites although I can understand why a guy like
Jim Baen would prefer more Miles ASAP.

I read Chalion purely because it was LMB and recommended by those who liked
other things she had written. CoC is a lovely book I adore it. Its so
different from Barrayar but its not surprising that they have the same
author either. Paladin I had issues with for ages. I could get past about
50 pages or so. But one day I decided to finish it and prickly Ista won me
over completely, I "got" her in a way I hadn't before, in a way she
probably wouldn't expect me to. Iselle is awesome and I loved her story to
Royina  Regnant a lot but I also love that Ista finds that there is both
absolution, duty and future for her in the days ahead after so many years.

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> > Has Lois mentioned before what her favourite books (of hers) are? Reading
> > through Chalion again, it feels so beautifully written and
> > well-constructed, it made me wonder which of her books she feels the most
> > proud of.
> I wish it was the stereotypical "my next book"...
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