[LMB] ot: Little Prince trailer

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 16:36:25 GMT 2014

On 12/16/2014 4:52 AM, A. Marina Fournier wrote:
> Even the trailer makes me cry. Just below the article, there is a note 
> about another animated film, Song of the Sea. Looks fantabulous, but 
> it’ll be on limited release, meaning good luck finding it.
Hm ... we do have zone one listies ... whom we perhaps may prevail upon 
to buy and mail copies for us when it is released on disc? I have a few 
movies that were originally zone 1 [a live action Asterix among others] 
It is possible to rip it to the hard drive and remove zonation =)

And I have found my fanfare when I am Queen of the Universe. I woke up 
to an amazing piece on Music Choice, Light Classical - the horns were 
chasing each other around and around with a certain richness and depth 
that just really appealed to me. I think this replaces Fanfare for the 
Common Man.

Of course, ignore the commercial =) - 
Giovanni Gabrieli Canzon a 12 in Echo

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