[LMB] Marrying out of Vor

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Tue Dec 16 20:52:29 GMT 2014

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> On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 05:58:50PM -0500, Paula Lieberman wrote:
> > I think of Heyer novels, where Lady So-and-So marries plain Mister
> > Whoever. Their children are of the aristocracy, but not the
> > nobility.  
> This is the English pattern -- only one child inherited the noble
> status.  Vor status, on the contrary, seems to be extended to all
> children (which is more the norm in European aristocracies).  What
> this tended to mean, in both Europe and Japan, was that a large
> large class of people developed who had _only_ the status, but
> not the wealth that went along with it.  In England, these people
> could gradually sink into the middle class while still being
> connected to the rest of the family.  Elsewhere, not so much --
> people hung _hard_ onto their status and its privileges because
> that was all they had.

That's why 17th Century Germany had so many petty Frieherrs and Ritters cluttering up the landscape, collecting tolls, etc; and Poland was even worse! 

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