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On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 02:08:10AM +0000, M. Haller Yamada wrote:
> You know, I think even in the Wide Green World there'd be cultural 
> memories. They had a highly civilized existence before the Mages 
> wiped everything out. 

Right.  Fawn even knows a good chunk of the stories -- but we never
hear any of them in any detail, only Dag's brief precis of the Lake-
walker memories.  One does wonder what a historian in, say, Tripoint,
might be able to piece together -- and how those things influence
the farmer culture.

> And I am pretty sure they had world-wide 
> trade (see the apple trees).  

Certainly the survivors know there are other lands out there, and
they have ships that are (in theory) capable of reaching them. 
But we don't see very much about (say) settlements on islands,
or people sailing the sea -- it's just not part of Fawn and Dag's 
story.  Which leaves Graymouth in just a bit of an odd place; it's
the analogue of New Orleans, which was important because it was
a place where the produce of the Mississippi basin could be
exported -- but where does Graymouth export to?  What do they
trade in return for all the stuff brought down-river?

> And, see my other post about work 
> rhythms bringing stringed instruments into play naturally. The wind 
> on the ropes, the ropes creaking against a boat . . . . Micki    
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