[LMB] Marrying out of Vor

Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Wed Dec 17 11:40:08 GMT 2014

On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 11:39:23PM +0000, M. Haller Yamada wrote:
> Kevin:
> In the attic scene, I think, doesn't Miles think of his grandmother as Princess and Countess Olivia ….. Micki: Yes, that's right. And as Walter points out, Ivan is a Lord even though he doesn't stand to inherit anything. IF I remember correctly, that's because one of his (great?) grandmothers WAS a princess, so things do shake down. A princess' offspring don't become just plain Vor.  (-: Things become a little clearer in my mind, and thanks, y'all.  Aside, I'm so glad *I* have no obligation to keep these things straight. I don't think I'll EVER write anything with royal people in it (-:.  Micki

IIRC Lois has said the Lord Vorpatril title is by special  dispensation,
not just automatic with being descended from Prince Xav.

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