[LMB] The Shortest Day

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Ohh, OUCH! Our community has always held The Long Dance on each solstice, and I went once. For me even being there proved to be an endurance contest and that was just about all. I put my legs up on a wedge pillow when such things happen, but before I got one, I used a pile of bed and couch pillows with a very rough wedge shape. 

You take it easy, now, and blessed Yule.

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> I didn't manage to stay at the coven's vigil until dawn. The party was an hour's drive away, I wasn't up to -trying- to stay awake all night, either--so of course, once home, sleep was hard to come by. Home before 3am, leg twitching & soreness from the position held in basting butter on layer after layer of phyllo/filo dough made it difficult. Eventually the two meds synergized, and I had some spotty hours of sleep.
> Glad Yule, all!
> A. Marina Fournier
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> You may very well think so, but I couldn't possibly comment.
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> > The Shortest Day
> > By Susan Cooper
> > 
> > And so the Shortest Day came and the year died
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