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M R Dolbear <m.dolbear at lineone.net> wrote:

> Due to us using MEAN time the latest sunset of the year is a few days
> before the Solstice
> http://diamondgeezer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/earliest-sunset.html

It doesn't depend on the time zone: mean time or Central European Time or
Eastern (US/Canada) time; those things depend on your latitude (and time
zones on political factors). The difference between the earliest sunset and
latest sunrise (or in summer the latest sunset and earliest sunrise) has to
do more with your latitude.

I have an app on my Google Calendar that shows sunrise and sunset times
every day. The latest sunrise for winter here is next week -- technically
next year: 7:46 a.m. January 2 to January 7 (and that will be easy for me
to remember because those are the birthdays of two of my siblings). The
earliest sunset was 4:56 p.m. from December 1 through December 14. (And
yes, I have family birthdays in that stretch too. Big family).

I learned once that the sun sets in Barrow, Alaska -- the northernmost town
in the US -- on November 18 and doesn't rise again until January 20. Nov.
18 is my birthday and January 21 is the birthday of my twin nieces, so that
bit of trivia is easy to remember too. One of the advantages of big

That Diamond Geezer entry went into it a little, but I was especially
grateful for the link from it to suncalc.net, which was fun to play with.

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