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Another factor I think tht is people start speculating, there can be 
copyright issues such that lots of authors  get apprehensive about issues up 
to and including-lawsuits regarding intellectual property rights.

I try to be careful and generally put in basically quit claims that if I 
come up with an idea for what happens to a characters or new characters or 
situtations for some author's characters/settings/etc., that I cede the 
rights to the author, if I think the author might see it and I suspect the 
author has the issues metioned above.

Also as noted in the quoted material, authors talking about what they are 
working on, creates expectations on the part of readers--some readers are 
HIGHLY lacking in tact/couth/respect/empathy, and can become extremely 
offensive and obnoxious regarding "Where is that story you said you were 
working on? Why are you doing anything except writing what you said you 
would be doing and why is that book which you were talking about last 
month/last year/three years ago/five years ago/a decade ago out, you rotting 
piece of lying [perjoratives]!!!???"

--Paula Lieberman
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Lois posted this on her Goodreads area a few days ago:

"It took me ten minutes to figure out how to actually answer questions using 
this feature... ah, the learning curve. Again. Succeeded, though, so there.

Anyway, first question, cool! The answer is less cool, I'm afraid. I have 
nothing new in the publishing pipeline at this time. In general, I find my 
work-in-progress to be too fragile to discuss during its early stages except 
with my old trusted Beta readers. Also, talking about things that are only 
in the idea stage tends to generate reader expectations that one risks 
disappointing. On the bright side, if I do start talking about something, 
you probably have a pretty good chance of actually seeing it someday.

The next thing up in the career-maintenance work queue (which goes on 
independently of anything new) will probably be helping prepare an edition 
of Sidelines: Talks and Essays for print-on-demand, but first we have to 
finish up The Spirit Ring, ditto.

Ta, L.” 

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