[LMB] Happy Winterfa(i)re Everyone!

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Fri Dec 26 08:45:56 GMT 2014

On 25 Dec 2014, at 03:14, M R L Dolbear <m.dolbear at lineone.net> wrote:
> Game casserole and Yorkshire puddings here.

We start with Kurt’s mother’s sticky pecan rolls, which Kurt has made the last two Christmas mornings now. Then stockings and presents before someone starts on the dinner that will happen about 2pm.

This year, it was stroganoff with venison stew meat instead of beef. Instead of spaetzle or other noodles, there were pierogi under the stew. The green beans could have cooked another minute, but everything else was wonderful.

Kurt made a GF cheesecake (I don’t get to make cheesecake or lasagne around here anymore). I never did have a chance to make the bi’lawee/baklava, between being too tired last night and the shush police this morning while something was playing preventing me from grinding the nuts. It’s dead easy, making this, but buttering each layer of phyllo dough is time-consuming.

To sleep, perchance to dream go I.

Hope everyone’s day, holiday or not, was pleasant.

A. Marina Fournier
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