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> Umegat says of the Golden General, "He was more than just god-touched. He
> was avatar incarnate, striding toward the fulcrum of the world in the
> perfect instant of time. Almost."
> Then, in addition to explaining that the Bastard is god of balance, Umegat
> says, "It is said that if ever one god subsumes all the others, truth will
> become single, and simple, and perfect, and the world will end in a burst
> of light."
> Does that mean that the Father was trying to subsume (synonyms: classify,
> contain, incorporate, involve) the other gods by giving the Golden General
> a drop of his blood? The Father's first step would be to subsume the
> Bastard using the Quadrenes. Umegat has just remarked that the Bastard is
> the weakest of the gods.
> The list discussed this at one point, and I didn't want the conclusion to
> be that the gods are in competition with each other.
> If the gods exist because of the souls they harvest, do they seek the end
> of the world?

[small snips here - I don't think I can trim it any further without losing
too much of the context]

I don't think they compete against each other, generally - the Creation
Myth in Paladin of Souls does not feature competition among them, nor does
Hallowed Hunt. There is plenty of question of what was happening with
the Golden General, though mostly I picture him as a spoiled saint - he
went bad sometime after having gotten these rewards. Still many missing
pieces in that picture, of course, like what exactly GG was actually trying
to accomplish, and why the Father was so very ... present ... with him, and
whether he was still a super-saint of the Father at the time that Fonsa
performed his death magic/hosted the death miracle. And what he planned to
do about his daughter contracting a demon in the long term - was he going
to convert to Quintarian beliefs, or what? (And what role did that play -
if any - in his fall at the end.

I wouldn't think they want to see the end of the world in any usual sense
of that - they are not the creators of the world, rather they are created
by the world (see the Creation Myth). The theologians in Curse of
Chalion describe the possibility of one of the gods subsuming the others,
but even there it's only described as possibility, not as any kind of
certainty: "It is said that if ever one god subsumes all the others ... the
world will end in a burst of light". (chapter 13, same place as where the
Bastard is named as the weakest of the gods and very close to where GG is
said to be avatar incarnate.

Karen Hunt

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